Vitamin Infusion

Vitamin infusions for the most part are a great addition to an already healthy life-style where you’re already getting good nutrients. For some people though, especially those with poor nutrition or in other disease states they can have hugely beneficial qualities. As we know when we take things orally many nutrients are not absorbed completely and vitamin infusions are essentially giving your body a high dose of good vitamins that don’t depend on you bodies ability to absorb. Many of the vitamins used are found in many foods we consume or should be consuming regularly. Important to note that you should always consult your doctor about any kind of therapies to make sure it is right for you and to ensure that your practitioners are appropriately experienced and qualified.


Myers Cocktail

The “Myers cocktail” is a nutrient cocktail invented by John Myers, a physician from Baltimore, Maryland. It is administered intravenously and promoted as an alternative treatment for a broad range of conditions including asthma, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It consists of B vitamins, vitamin C and other nutrients.

The Myers cocktail, along with IV fluids, is a very fast way to get critical nutrients and hydration into your body. Many people live hectic, busy lives and have difficulty getting enough vitamins in their diet. There is no better way to replenish your vitamin stores than the intravenous route.

If you have been having a good time in Las Vegas and are feeling run-down and “fuzzy,” a Myers Cocktail may be the treatment you need to get your vacation back on track. We can have you in and out of the clinic in 30 minutes.

Here at Hangover Heaven, we likely administer more IV therapy than any other health and wellness clinic in the country.  Most IV clinics consider themselves “busy” if they are doing 20 IV’s a month.  At Hangover Heaven, we sometimes administer over 100 IVs in a single day.

We are experts in IV therapy and can tailor your Myers’ cocktail to your individual needs.  Some clients need more vitamin C due to illness, which other clients need more magnesium to treat their migraine headaches.  We also have some clients with inflammatory bowel disease that require more B vitamins, as their digestive problems limit their ability to absorb B vitamins from food.

Amino acids are a key component of our Myers’ cocktail.  Glutathione comes standard with our Myers’ cocktail and we also have intravenous Taurine as an option,  Taurine is a powerful antioxidant and can help energize your body.  Glutathione is called “The Mother of antioxidants” and is the most prolific antioxidant in the body.   Due to stress and and a highly process food supply, most Americans are antioxidant deficient.

Our Myers Cocktail has been used to treat a wide range of conditions, from general dehydration, to fibromyalgia, to multiple sclerosis.

Frequent Q&As

We already take our vitamins, so why do we need this treatment? 

This therapy allows us to have in circulation for a short time, higher doses of many vitamins that we would otherwise be able to absorb. This is extremely important in disease states where there is a large amount of clinical data supporting the use of high dose vitamin IV infusions for a variety of disease states including cancer, burns, septic shock, thiamine deficiency, Rickets and Vitamin D deficiency to name a few. For those of us who are well this is a great way to try to either prevent or end that cold that just won’t go away or have it regularly before travel to prevent getting sick.

When we're talking vitamins for the skin, what are the best ones and why?

Vitamins for the skin can be gained from a number of different ways. Certainly IV vitamin infusions with zinc and C can help to strengthen skin and help with burns but topically vitamins play a bit role as well.

Who can benefit from infusions and what results can we expect? (eg. problem skin types etc)

Anyone feeling run-down or tired will benefit. Along with this if you always get sick when starting a holiday it can help a lot. People with chronic fatigue and many other diseases can be helped as well. Whilst there have been no large population studies around the use of IV vitamins for skin benefits there is large amounts of anecdotal advice that suggests this can help with brightening complexions and strengthening skin, nails and hair.

Post-treatment, what's the best way to keep the benefits going? 

Post treatment it is best to drink a couple of litres of water both before and after the treatment and of course to continue your normal healthy diet.

What are some of the other ways women can enrich their skin with the right vitamins?

Vitamin C, zinc are great ways to enrich your skin.