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Medical Director – MBBS

Dr Zac has a broad medical background and has completed a Biomedical Science and Nursing Degree in QLD. After several years of practical nursing experience, he went on to successfully complete a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Sydney.

Dr Zac’s personal background is equally diverse. Growing up in a large family in several rural and coastal areas of Australia including Bourke, Emerald and the Sunshine Coast before moving to Sydney. As a result of this travel, he found a love for volunteering abroad in areas of need including Arnhem land, The Philippines, Cambodia and the Congo. He is an accomplished athlete and has represented Australia in both Basketball and Beach Volleyball. Has performed on stage playing the lead in several musicals, plays  and other stage playing the lead in several musicals, plays and other stage productions which was the perfect preparation for his health regular health appearances on the Today Show and the Daily Edition.

He is currently ear marked to become a clinical trainer with some of the largest regenerative medicine distribution companies in the world.

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Dr. Jeni Wellington during the past 10 years has been involved in a range of medical specialties. She graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2009 and started off with a career in Obstetrics and Genecology for almost 3 years. She then relocated to Australia working across a range of surgical specialities including Urology, Emergency medicine, General Practice and Mental Health.

Jeni’s true passion is procedural medicine, aesthetically being drawn to the cosmetic approach to patient care independent of plastic surgery and dermatology for both personal and professional reasons. At 2 years of age, Jeni was diagnosed with a Bells Palsy and therefore understands the importance the impact that helping people look their best has on making them feel their best.

Jeni studied a variety of medical procedures extensively at The Esteem Institute of Cosmetic Aesthetics, established under Dr Terrance Scamp, a renown plastic surgeon.

Other areas of interest are; Lifestyle Medicine, Skin and Laser Treatments to compliment the total anti-ageing approach towards her clients achieving their desired aesthetic results.

Currently she is undertaking further education to achieve her fellowship at the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine to obtain board certification from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine, initiated through Harvard Medical school.


Cosmetic Nurse

Darren has years of injecting experience and a keen eye for detail he is a very exciting addition to our Medical Team. He completed his studies at the Queensland University of Technology, and then began as a Registered Nurse at The Mater Children’s Hospital in the Cardiac Department, where he was nominated as Graduate of the Year.

DJ then followed his passion for Cosmetic Nursing and hasn’t looked back. Darren combines his nursing background, cosmetology training and understanding of the facial anatomy to ensure that he produces the very best outcome for all his patients.

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Cosmetic Nurse

Lakan Ireland studied her Bachelor of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology, before beginning her Diploma of Cosmetic Injecting through the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine & Science Sydney. Lakan has also completed her Injectables Course through the Face Academy. She has experience working with one of Australia’s largest Cosmetic companies receiving her full training with Allergan and Galderma.

Lakan has a less is more approach to beauty, she is all about a preventive methods to anti-ageing, in conjunction to taking a holistic approach to beauty she follows a plant based lifestyle believing that food is medicine. Lakan believes that what we eat impacts the way we look immensely and advocates this in her work. Book in with Lakan at both our East Brisbane and Windsor clinics.


Cosmetic Nurse

Lisa is a Registered Nurse with over ten years experience. She has a background in Intensive 
Care at Ipswich Hospital and a passion for helping clients achieve a soft, natural look with Cosmetic 
Injectable treatments. Lisa obtained her Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing through GrayClay Medical Aesthetic College and continues to ensure she is up to date with latest and safest injecting techniques. Come and see Lisa today, for a complimentary consultation, she loves nothing more than listening to her client’s concerns and creating personalised treatment plans. 


Cosmetic Nurse

Meet Madilyn! Although young, Madilyn has a lot of experience in the industry and an amazing eye for enhancing a patients natural features. She has a holistic approach to beauty, combining her love of cosmetic treatments with her background in gut health to create her very own blog The Functional Nurse. 

Madilyn had worked with Brisbane Anti Wrinkle for four years as a dermal therapist, prior to completing her Registered Nursing Degree. She has worked as a Registered Nurse on a colorectal ward and has a passion for providing her clients with holistic care when it comes to skin health and aesthetics. She combines her knowledge of dermal science and gut health to ensure her client’s skin is at its peak both externally and internally. 


Cosmetic Nurse

Robyn is a registered nurse with a speciality in dermatology, dermal therapies and cosmetic injecting! After completing her studies at Griffith University she started her career as a quality care nurse and medical liaison for a pharmaceutical company, developing patient and health care and professional education platforms/resources. She also helped run and manage clinical trial work as well as developing educational material about skin cancer and psoriasis for patient and healthcare professionals. From there she worked with skin focused GPs, dermatologists and in the last three years Aesthetic Medical clinics such as Brisbane Anti Wrinkle and Skin Studios.

With over five year experience in the industry, it’s safe to say Robyn lives and breathes SKIN! Growing up she had shockingly severe acne, which fuelled her passion in skin and gives her a an appreciation for those unique skincare concerns. After Robyn had her son three years ago she began to understand the need for a cosmetic ‘freshen up’, her interest than turned to Cosmetics and she began her Injecting career. Enhancing natural beauty is now her core belief in best practice, she isn’t out to make any client look overdone or fake. Robyn’s trademark is not leaving a hint of work being done, rather having clients leave looking refreshed with a renewed confidence in themselves.

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Cosmetic Nurse

Meet Trinny! Trinh has an amazing eye for symmetry and understands the importance of enhancing her client’s natural beauty. She has worked for Brisbane Anti Wrinkle and Skin Studios as a cosmetic nurse for 5 years with a prior 10 years experience in the industry, having undergone extensive training with highly renowned Allergan trainers in all areas of the face, including the revolutionary 8 point dermal filler face lift.

Trinh is a colourful and vibrant nurse who we know you will just love!  

Check out some of her amazing before and after’s on Instagram, Trinny is the queen of lips!


Business Consultant

Sharni has over 20 years’ experience in the Aesthetic, Beauty & Fitness Industry. She started her career owning and managing an extremely successful dance, performing arts and fitness studio, before she began in the aesthetic industry working directly within Australia’s top cosmetic Aesthetic manufacturing and distribution companies. While there she worked closely with Australia’s leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, GP’s and nurse injectors. Her lead role was consulting, providing education and sharing her in-depth knowledge on aesthetics including: cosmetic and medical lasers, anti-ageing platforms, beautification equipment and injectables all on a national level.

She has most recently started her own aesthetic company, BODii Aesthetics., where she provides the innovative skin tightening treatment, ULFIT. Sharni is excited to provide this advanced technology at all Brisbane Anti Wrinkle and Skin Studio clinics, as well as working in a business advisory role at our Windsor clinic. Her focus is providing a state-of-the-art service coupled with her vast aesthetic skills to get her clients the best result possible and achieve their anti-ageing goal.

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