Curtis Collection


Curtis Collection Cosmetics exists at the intersection of beauty, science and luxury.

Founded by Victoria Curtis, the brand is committed to creating skin nourishing cosmetics that deliver more than just makeup. This premium collection of mineral infused makeup has been designed to assist you in achieving faster results from your beauty treatments while delivery what is known as the Curtis Collection Signature Glow. Curtis Collection has carved a niche for itself as one of Australia’s most innovative beauty brands and is redefining beauty in the world of cosmetics.


Create your perfect lighting. The secret to achieving the flawless Curtis Collection Signature Glow lies within the brands innovative multi mineral formulations. Designed to protect, perfect and illuminate the skin, these powerful light reflective minerals will recreate the most flattering light on the complexion – a luminous, candle lit glow with seamless, soft focus coverage. Capturing, diffusing and softening surrounding light, the Curtis Collection Airbrush Minerals create the illusion of complexion perfection. Experience the glow at Brisbane Anti Wrinkle Studio.


Curtis Collection’s range of skin treating Mineral Makeup goes beyond colour and coverage, it can literally transform any complexion instantly. The hybrid, skin care cosmetics have been designed to act as the final step in your skin care routine. Each product in this luxurious collection offers a skin and lifestyle benefit, delivering beauty solutions for women through the use of makeup. The nutrient rich formulas are infused with natures finest ingredients, guaranteed to invigorate and rejuvenate the skin.


From the runways of Fashion Week to Australia’s most prestigious Medi Spa’s, Curtis Collection is the name on everyone’s lips. Loved by celebrity makeup artists, cosmetics surgeons and spa therapists alike, the unique combination of skin treating makeup with a high performance, runway worthy finish, sets this luxurious collection apart from the rest! Discover the signature Curtis Collection runway looks