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Why you should be using an at-home Dermaroller!

Facial Rollers are rolling into 2018 as one of the top Beauty Tool trends! According to Pinterest’stop trends to try in 2018’, the site saw a crazy 354% spike in user saves for “dermaroller”. Now we’ve all searched the dark corners of Pinterest for beauty secrets, so it will come as no surprise to see a rise in the number of people searching for and using dermarollers over the next 12 months.

With this in mind we wanted to get the low down on the best way to use a dermaroller at home! So, we spoke to Brisbane Anti Wrinkle’s very own Dermarolling Superstar, Haley, to get her top tips on how to master the dermaroller for yourself.
Q1: BASIC but what is a dermaroller?

A dermaroller is a skin needling device you can do safely at home with no down time or damage. It consists of 600 micro-needles to effectively penetrate the skins outermost surface layers.

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Q2: What are the benefits of using a home-roller?

A home roller can take your skincare routine to the next level! It works by effectively and viably rejuvenating the skin by kick starting the natural wound healing process. The other major benefit is that it can offer you 200% more product penetration. Meaning your skin is getting more out of your Skinstitut products.

Q3: What is your step-by-step guide to using a dermaroller at home?

On clean skin, divide your face into credit card sized sections and using gentle pressure roll your device up and down 5 to 6 times quickly (over one area). Think about the size of a 50-cent piece, this is a good guide for how big your strokes should be! Once you’ve got the hang of it move on from the first divided section the the rest of your face.

Follow this process over your whole face. Your aim is to see an even pink-tone all over the face. If you are feeling like you’re not getting an even pink tone or want to step it up go back over the skin. But instead of an up and down motion go left to right in the same 50-cents size motions. Remember to section the whole face again or even just go over problem areas that you want to focus on, these could be fine lines or acne scarring.

Once you have reached the desired over-all pink-glow you can apply your prescribed Skinstitut serum, and you’re done!

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Q4: Is there a risk of infection/how can we avoid this happening?

There is very minimal risk of infection because the blades are gamma-sterilised. But as with any treatment creating trauma to the skin do not touch the area for a minimum 8-12 hours after the treatment. It is important to always ensure your at-home roller is kept in its plastic cap and somewhere that will not be in contact with anything else. I recommend keeping it in a zip-lock bag in your bathroom, out of reach of children or curious husbands!

Q5: Any secret Therapist tips on how to master dermarolling at home?

My secret to mastering the dermarolling at home is to practice, practice, practice! You want to be using your dermaroller consistently for maximum efficacy. And once you’ve mastered the face ladies, DO NOT FORGET TO START THAT REJUVENATION ON THE NECK & DECOLLETAGE! One of the first places most women notice their ageing is on their necks.

Finally, if you need any more tips and just a helping hand getting the hang of it, come in and see me at our East Brisbane clinic. I’d be happy to show you the best way to master the dermaroller for yourself!

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